Two Tiger Snakes found recovered from public, suburban areas

Bunbury residents have been asked to watch out following the relocation of two Tiger Snakes from populated suburban areas in two days. 

On Monday, February 5, Roo Rescue coordinator Kim Grant was forced to remove a Tiger Snake near the reception area at St Marys Catholic Primary. 

Ms Grant then relocated another Tiger Snake from a suburban residence in Duncan Way, East Bunbury. 

She said people should be warned about the seriousness of venomous snakes. 

“The Tiger Snake’s venom liquefies and jellies your blood, and breaks down organs damn fast, so this is one snake you don’t want to be messing with,” she said. 

“People that live in certain areas for a while become complacent about the fact that we still have a lot of wildlife around, and some of them bite.”

Without treatment, death from a Tiger Snake comes comes six to 24 hours after a bite has occurred. 

Ms Grant said parents should teach children about snakes while snake aversion therapy for dogs was a worthwhile investment. 

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