Parks and Wildlife Service commences Koombana Park clean-up project

The Parks and Wildlife Service has commenced a clean-up campaign for Koombana Park close to the formally proposed Department of Parks and Wildlife facility. 

The group has planned to turn the area into an open parkland.

Crews from Collie, Busselton and Bunbury have begun pruning trees, removing dead green material, and cleaning up rubbish.

Plant material from the site has been moved to the Stanley Road Waste Management Facility. 

The Parks and Wildlife Service has also planned to fix the furniture in the area and make repairs to the mangrove boardwalk. 

Parks and Wildlife Service Parks and Visitor Services South West Manager Peter Henderson said the project would make Koombana Park more functional and aesthetically pleasing. 

“It will complement the new development of the old office site and will be a more natural, open parkland area,” he said. 

Mr Henderson assured no Peppermint trees were being chopped down or removed. 

The project’s second stage will begin in winter, with plans to plant new vegetation native to Bunbury. 

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