Member for Don Punch encourages election for vacant councillor position

Member for Bunbury Don Punch is encouraging the City of Bunbury Council to hold an election to replace the vacancy left by the resignation of councillor Joel McGuiness. 

Mr Punch said the vacancy presented the City of Bunbury with a fantastic opportunity. 

“The casual vacancy on Council has the potential to attract people to run for Council who may otherwise have never considered standing for election,” he said.

“We are entering a period of significant growth and development, and the addition of a new voice on Council during these exciting times will be of enormous benefit to our community.

“Council has the option of leaving the position vacant but with almost 20 months until the next normal Council election is due, I hope Council chooses to schedule a special election.”

Mr Punch said that if a special election was called he would like to see everyone with an interest in the development of Bunbury to put their hand up and stand for Council.

“There may only be one position available but just participating in the campaign will provide candidates with the opportunity to raise new ideas and influence the public discussion about the future direction of our city,” he said. 

“Local Councils work best when they represent the diversity and aspirations of the community, and having a position vacant for almost two years does nothing to promote this.

“I would like to congratulate Cr McGuinness on his new appointment in Geelong and thank him for all he has done for our community, both as an individual and as a member of Council.

“Cr McGuinness has made a great contribution during his time on Council and our community deserves to have him replaced with someone of equal energy and commitment to the advancement of Bunbury.”  

A decision on what will happen with the soon vacating City of Bunbury councillor role will be brought forward to the March 6 meeting.

Cr McGuinness will officially step down from his position on council on March 6.