Newton Moore SHS maths students create mural for premises

Three Year 10 students from Newton Moore Senior High School have led a project to bring a splash of colour to the premises. 

Troy Bennell, Cody Bell and Kyle Oliver – with assistance from Aboriginal Islander Education Officer Glen Garlett and maths teacher Amy Murphy – developed a painting depicting the six indigenous seasons. 

The group planned the mural’s design before spending one week bringing the canvas to life late last year. 

The students said they learned more about the region’s heritage and indigenous culture. 

Ms Murphy said the project gave the students a greater understanding of life skills, confidence, STEM processes, circumference and finance. 

“It has added a whole extra level of engagement for these boys,” she said.

“They went from a normal mathematics classroom to spending an entire week on a project they really loved.

“As they completed the process from start to finish, they were very proud of their work and were very specific about who helped them.”

The painting will be placed in the school’s edible indigenous garden. 

Devised by eight Year 7 students, the garden project saw the group learn more about reticulation, horticulture, volume, measurement, and area. 

Mowervation assisted in putting each of the garden’s components together. 

Ms Murphy said the school was passionate about mathematics education, the students’ well-being, STEM projects and indigenous affairs.