City of Bunbury to discuss budget for Koombana Foreshore

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan is not worried that the newly developed Koombana Foreshore came in over budget.

Mayor Brennan confirmed stage one of the project did not come in on budget and the city would be discussing the financial situation.

“It has gone over budget and we will know the final figures in a few weeks’ time,” he said. 

“We do have a budget review at the end of February so we’ll deal with that in March.” 

Mr Brennan said the council would discuss strategies to patch up the issue. 

“The cost overrun involves the footbridge, the exact number we don’t know at this stage,” he said.  

“Officers will present that to council, and then what we do is look at other projects where we may have underspent and the council will make a decision on how to fund the deficit for that particular project.” 

The Mayor also confirmed there were “unexpected” cost overruns with the Koombana Foreshore’s new cafe. 

The City served as project manager for stage one, while Landcorp will oversee stage two.  

The City completed the area’s new playground, barbecue areas, kiosk and amphitheatre in December 2017. 

Its official re-opening was held earlier this month, featuring an estimated 3000 to 4000 people in attendance. 

Despite the problems, Mr Brennan was so far pleased with Koombana Foreshore. 

“It has been an overwhelming success, most people love it,” he said. 

“We have had some suggestions in improving a number of the toilets, showers, and little things such as taps etc. 

“Overwhelmingly the feedback has been great and very positive, the project has made a big difference to that area.” 

Mr Brennan said the City effectively dealt with complaints and issues pointed out by community members. 

“From the City’s point of view we make sure that everything we control, and are responsible for, is at 100 per cent,” he said. 

The Mayor reassured the community of the area’s benefits. 

“It’s a popular family beach, it’s a safe beach,” he said. 

“The kids and families love Koombana Bay, people will travel from Australind, Eaton etc. just to have that special enjoyment that Koombana Bay offers.

“The next stage should start this financial year, which is about restoring Jetty Road and there’s a few million dollars involved.”