City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan praises plans form Withers and Glen Iris

The City of Bunbury has announced its support for the new Bunbury Development Committee’s plans for two suburban areas. 

Earlier this month, the committee announced plans to assist communities in Withers and Glen Iris.

The group looks set to proceed with community engagement and project management to determine the best outcomes for residents in both areas. 

Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan, representing the City in the group, said the committee was dedicated to helping Withers and Glen Iris. 

“We’ll be looking to areas in Withers and Glen Iris, making sure the group is working with council to ensure terrific outcomes for parts of our community that haven’t fared as well as other areas in the community,” he said. 

“For each area we go and invest in, we bring benefits to those areas and collectively make our community a whole lot better.” 

The council has already set its sights on the Withers Redevelopment Project and will soon move into the Glen Iris area. 

Mr Brennan noted the council and Department of Communities have previously engaged with the Withers community to improve facilities. 

The Mayor acknowledged there was a shortage of public recreation areas in Glen Iris. 

He also saluted the Western Australian Government’s commitment to the Greater Bunbury region. 

Member for Bunbury Don Punch said the committee would engage with agencies and sectors to determine the best outcomes for Withers and Glen Iris.

“The Withers community has been promised a redevelopment of their suburb for many years and the Committee will be in a position to drive this project and make sure it happens,” he said. 

“Glen Iris has been identified as a development area for the Committee as it has limited community infrastructure and suffers from a range of significant traffic management issues.” 

The group will also work on ongoing plans for the Bunbury Waterfront.