Man fined $5000 for running over a woman's leg in the Parks Centre Shopping Centre car park

Bunbury Magistrates Court has fined a 27-year-old man $5000 over a hit-and-run incident in 2017. 

Bronson James Holbrook faced court via video link on April 26 and pleaded guilty to charges of failing to report an incident he was involved in to police, careless driving causing serious injury, and driving without a licence.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Barry Phelps told the court Holbrook, while driving a Holden sedan into a parking bay, hit the right leg of an elderly victim at Parks Centre shopping hub on August 24. 

After the incident occurred, Holbrook sat in his car while attempting to console the victim. 

He then reversed and drove away from the area. 

The victim suffered blood clots and required treatment for two-to-three months after the incident. 

Holbrook’s licence had been placed on suspension in 2016. He has yet to pay off all the fines. 

Defense counsel Michael Laurino said Holbrook had been jailed in October last year over drug offences, and was due for release in June.

The defense said Holbrook misjudged the situation and had checked to make sure the victim was okay. 

Mr Laurino said his client left the scene to avoid aggressive behaviour from witnesses at the scene. 

He said his client felt remorse over the incident and had taken strides in getting his life together again. 

Since being incarcerated, Holbrook has joined the Breakaway program and has attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. 

Holbrook, having admitted to his mistakes, knew he would be disqualified from driving for an extended period of time. 

Magistrate Belinda Coleman acknowledged that Holbrook “made an error, misjudged, and collided with the complainant”. 

She was required to take Holbrook’s rehabilitation, pleas of guilty, and references into consideration while handing down the sentence. 

Ms Coleman said Holbrook had followed all of the necessarily guidelines prior to his impending release. 

However, she said significant fines would reflect the seriousness of his actions. 

Holbrook was fined $5000 and had his licence disqualified for another two years.