City of Bunbury council passes carport proposal

The City of Bunbury has given a local homeowner permission to build a carport within a heritage area.

During its meeting on May 15, the council discussed the proposed development of a new carport at Lot 17 (no. 49) Moore Street, Bunbury. 

Home owner Paul McNaughton presented to council, discussing his reasons for wanting to develop a second carport at his residence. 

Speaking against the proposed carport development, councillor Brendan Kelly said the City’s heritage needed to be properly maintained. 

Councillor Michelle Steck disagreed with Cr Kelly’s argument and called for the carport to be developed. 

The council voted 5/4 against the City’s motion to reject Mr McNaughton’s proposal. 

The council then approved an alternate motion, allowing for the carport to go ahead. 

The car port is due to be built within the Stirling Street Heritage Area, soon to be renamed the East Bunbury Heritage Area. 

On May 8, the City had put forward a motion to reject the carport proposal. 

Since an existing carport exists on the northern side of the premises, the City had concluded there was no sound reason to add a second carport to its front setback area. 

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