Australind Primary School students put maths skills to use at Scitech murder mystery night

A night filled with mystery and maths was held last week at Australind Primary School.

More than 80 students and parents participated in the Maths Murder Mystery night hosted by Scitech.

Students, parents and teachers solved a crime using mathematical techniques and analytical thinking, not typically applied in the classroom.

Year three and four teacher Judith Stribley said it had been a fantastic night with a positive response from students and parents. 

“There were stations the families moved around to solve a puzzle and get a clue and then they had to decide from the suspect board which person it was,” she said.  

“It was good to see families together, interacting and solving these puzzles - some of them were quite difficult.

“It was about having a community event and giving mathematics a real world context.”

Scitech presenter Shyam Drury said it had been a successful night with great feedback and glowing smiles. 

“We bring innovative approaches to teaching and learning maths that focus on creativity, collaboration, problem solving,” he said.