City of Bunbury awards $90,000 self-supporting loan to Bunbury Bowling Club

Club supported by council

The City of Bunbury has lent a hand to the hub of the South West Bowling League.  

On June 12, the council was presented with a motion asking for the city to award a $90,000 self-supporting loan to the Bunbury Bowling club. 

The motion revealed that the funds would be used for a new synthetic green surface along with changes to surrounding areas.

The funds would also assist with general improvements to the club’s grounds.

Club representatives provided details about the application and proposed redevelopments prior to the council’s vote. 

Bunbury Bowling club president Greg Slavin put forward their reasons for the application at last week’s meeting. 

Mr Slavin also asked for the loan to be approved without guarantor support. 

“The club seeks the support of council to proceed with the application of a self-supporting loan of $90,000,” he said. 

“The club is well managed by ex-professionals who enjoy the benefits of the club being centrally located.

“The club is the hub of the South West Bowling League.

“Considering the service of past loans and the excellent financial standing of the club, current members and administrators consider it opportunistic for the City of Bunbury to grant the club this request without the need for guarantor assistance.” 

The project is expected to cost $404,040 overall, with funding also provided by the State Government ($200,000) and the club itself ($114,040). 

Councillors Betty McCleary and Michelle Steck voiced their support for the loan during the meeting. 

Council voted 10/1 in favour of providing the club with the loan. 

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan said the city has previously granted self-supporting loans to the club.

He added the club was instrumental in fulfilling its obligations and playing back the loans. 

“They have got an excellent track record of paying back the loans each time,” he said.

“They do a brilliant service, they are great club and they create a fantastic social service as well.

“It’s a great social club, my wife and I have sponsored them in the past and we have no hesitation of doing that.” 

Mr Brennan also outlined the physical benefits the club provided for senior citizens.

“People go there for a chat, socialise and, of course, to play bowls as well,” he said. 

Practically anybody can play bowls, and even people with physical constraints can use special adaptors to bowl the ball.”  

Mr Brennan said the club would pay back the loan over the next 10 years as well as the principle, interest, and government guarantee fees ontop of the loan repayments. 

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