SBL, Rd 17: South West Slammers outmatched by Lakeside Lightning and Perth Redbacks

Going down to Lakeside Lightning and Perth Redbacks, the South West Slammers had a weekend they would like to forget. 

After losing to Perry Lakes Hawks in round 16, the Slammers women’s team was determined to get back into the winner’s circle. 

Against Lakeside, the Slammers went on the attack seconds after the opening tip-off. 

Tayah Burrows (15 points) opened up the scoring for Slammers with two perfect free-throws. 

Soon after, Sydnee Fipps (notching up 26 points and four rebounds) and Courtney Byrnes (9) pushed their side in front. 

Behind by four at quarter time, the Slammers still had a chance at clinching an upset victory. 

Charlotte van Kleef (10) and Tori Fisher (5) steered the visitors on course in the second term. 

Lakeside’s Ali Schwagmeyer – scoring a double-double with a whopping 28 points and 11 rebounds – then caused havoc for the Slammers. 

Despite assistance from Courtney Bayliss (23) and Georgia Denehey (8), the Slammers trailed the home side throughout the second half. 

As the Slammers struggled to close the gap, the Lightning, aided by Samantha Roscoe (15), maintained a 20-30 point lead. 

The Lightning went on to defeat a battered Slammers’ line-up, 92 to 68. 

In the men’s clash, Lakeside pulled ahead in the first term thanks to powerhouse duo Daniel Alexander (37) and John Isenbarger (33). 

Threatening to catch up in the second quarter, the Slammers were carried by Brian Voelkel (collecting a double-double with 27 points and 11 rebounds). 

The visitors edged in front midway through the term, before Lakeside gained a 61 to 51 lead at half time. 

Despite strong performances from Travis Durnin (36) and captain Michael Lay (18 points, 10 assists), the Slammers were hampered by Lakeside throughout the third term. 

The Lightning turned a 13-point lead at three-quarter time into a 110 to 99 victory. 

On Saturday, the Slammers’ women suffered a 71 to 52 defeat to the Perth Redbacks in Eaton. 

Scoring a double-double with 15 points and 10 rebounds, Redback Kayla Standish troubled the home side in the first term. 

The Redbacks then went up against a vengeful Slammers’ side in the second term. 

The home side’s form steadily improved, before Perth captain Mikayla Pirini (14) put her side in front by five at half time. 

Pirini, Jessica Jakens (16), and Alix Hayward (10) pushed the Redbacks’ lead out to 13 at three-quarter time. 

The visitors’ 19-point haul in the fourth quarter led to their 16th win of the season. 

The Slammers’ men started favourably against Perth, with Cory Richardson (15) entertaining the home crowd in the first term. 

Slammers’ fans roared when Lay (14) slotted two consecutive three-pointers just before quarter time. 

In the second term, Redbacks Shaun Redhage (23) and Lee Roberts (21 points, 10 rebounds) went on a rampage. 

The Redbacks maintained a strong buffer during the second term and went 14 points up at the main break. 

Slammers Brandon Thompson (18), Voelkel (13 points, 16 rebounds), Durnin (14) kept hopes of victory alive in the second half. 

Efforts from Jackson Hussey (16) and Benjamin Smith (16), however, made matters worse for the home side.

As the Slammers flailed in the fourth quarter, Perth ran out to a 118 to 88 victory. 

The Slammers women’s side sits ninth on the ladder, while the men’s team now resides at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Next weekend, both teams head to Wally Hagan Stadium to take on Cockburn Cougars. 

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