Roadwise Chairperson discusses respect on the road

There were 161 deaths on WA roads in 2017, 91 in regional WA.

It's the little actions such as momentary glances at phones, driving above the speed limit, driving tired or impaired that can lead to big tragedies on our roads.

A safe system recognises 70 per cent of all serious crashes are due to human error rather than deliberate risk taking and seeks to improve behaviour through education and enforcement.

City of Bunbury RoadWise works with communities to take action to reduce road trauma.

For example Bunbury RoadWise promotes the M8 the call can W8 campaign asking people to pledge to protect lives by not using their mobile phone while driving.

Another example is the Choose Your Ride promotion focusing on taking a taxi rather than drink driving.

All road users need to respect one another on the road and take collective responsibility for keeping everyone safe, whether driving, riding or walking.

Choosing respect on the road is vital to play your part in the shared responsibility of road safety.

You just can't avoid stress on the road, but you can choose how you react to that stress.

We can all make a mistake from time to time, so instead of getting angry at another driver, maybe a wave to accept someone’s error will result in an apologetic wave back and more careful driving from that driver in the future.  

Such simple consideration could see a reduction in unnecessary road rage.

If you can be mindful to respect yourself, your passengers and your fellow drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, there's a good chance you'll be less tempted to road rage and enjoy the ride more.  

There’s a good chance you will be more attentive and considered behind the wheel.

The way we drive is a symptom of the way we live, too fast.

When we slow down, we reduce the risk of crashes and enjoy a more relaxed life.

These are all benefits we can enjoy, as individuals and as a community.

So come along on the journey with us and Choose Respect on our roads.