Eleven Bunbury Swimming Club athletes compete in 2018 School Sport Australia Championships in Hobart

Eleven athletes from the Bunbury Swimming Club – Kyle Lee (16), Daniel Coleman (16), Rori Parsons (16), Max Coulter (15), Alice Johnson (15), Georgia Saffy (14), Sam Ellis (14), Amity Parsons (13), Alex Saffy (12), Joel Davies (12), and Drew Coleman (10) – took on swimmers from around the country last month.

The group hit the pool for the 2018 School Sports Australia Championships in Hobart.

Kyle claimed silver in the Boys 13-19 1500-metre Freestyle, fourth in the Boys 15-16 400m Freestyle, fifth in the Boys 15-16 400m Individual Medley, sixth in the Boys 15-16 200m Butterfly, and sixth in the Boys 15-16 100m Butterfly.

Among their efforts throughout the event, Alex and Joel teamed up with fellow West Australians Lucas Fazari and Sean Alcorn, claiming gold in the Boys 500m Handicap Relay.

Daniel placed ninth in the Boys 17-19 400m Individual Medley and 10th in Boys 17-19 200m Butterfly.

Max clinched eighth in the Boys 15-16 200m Backstroke, eighth in the Boys 15-16 100m Backstroke, 10th in the Boys 15-16 200m Freestyle, and 11th in the Boys 15-16 400m Freestyle.

Sam earned seventh in the Boys 13-14 200m Butterfly and eighth in the Boys 13-14 400m Individual Medley.

Rori placed 6th in the Girls 13-19 800m Freestyle and 12th in the Girls 15-16 400m Freestyle.

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