Creative and candid are trends for your wedding

AIR TIME: Ryan Forster - We're all striving to create that amazing photo that stands out. Picture: Ryan Forster
AIR TIME: Ryan Forster - We're all striving to create that amazing photo that stands out. Picture: Ryan Forster

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It’s your big day; the wedding you’ve always wanted to the man or woman of your dreams.

It will be perfect and you want a tangible record of what made it so special.

You have chosen your photographer, but what can you expect their experience and expertise to produce?

The expert

​Ryan Forster has been a professional photographer since 2010 after he graduated with a Bachelor of Photography from RMIT in Melbourne.

“I never intended to be a wedding photographer at all but just kind of fell into it after being asked to shoot my sister's wedding,” he said.

“In the beginning it was just a snowball effect of referral weddings. I found out that I actually really liked to shoot weddings and began to advertise for them.”

Ryan worked in the UK for six years and returned to Australia in 2017.

He is now shooting weddings all around the east coast.

The trends

Ryan said the main trend over the last few years has been candid photography.

“The photographer moves around snapping natural shots of the guests smiling and laughing,” he said.

“This trend has also transcended through to other aspects of the day. Where once the 'getting ready' photos were posed and staged, clients are leaning toward wanting the photographer to just capture the moment.”

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Bridal portraits have had big changes.

“We now aim to un-pose our photos,” Ryan said. “Where once the bride and groom would be asked to 'stand there, hands there, look there, smile', we now encourage movement.

“Modern day bridal photos will often show the couple walking, talking and moving. The aim is to have the couple look happy, natural and as if we've just captured a moment.”

Current trends have evolved with the progress in digital photography unlocking the “constraints” of traditional film.

“Photos had to be posed just right before expending a frame on the film roll,” Ryan said.

“As technology has progressed, memory cards have allowed us to shoot thousands of images over a wedding day. It's not unheard of to shoot over 5000 photos at a wedding.”

Wedding photographers have to keep their work relevant for clients and they keep an eye on what others are producing through social media.

That means creativity is also trending.

“There's a degree of one-upmanship that happens,” Ryan said. 

“If we're all fighting for social media honours, we must use our creativity to stand out.

“We shoot from angles, use reflections from water, glass prisms or even our phone screens.”

“We use silhouettes, extreme close-up or distance, creative framing, double exposures, smoke bombs and pixelsticks. Anything to give us an edge.”