City of Bunbury approves new Draft Local Planning Policy for the Spencer Street Activity Corridor Design

The City of Bunbury has moved one step closer towards creating a more prosperous future for Spencer Street. 

At its meeting on August 21, the council discussed the new Draft Local Planning Policy for the proposed Spencer Street Activity Corridor. 

A Draft Local Planning Policy for the zone development requirements had previously been released for public comment from January 30 to February 23.

In response to the submissions received, the city then formed a series of guidelines which included setback and pedestrian shelter requirements. 

The city put forward the idea of Spencer Street becoming a future mixed-use activity corridor, designed to attract businesses and residential projects while taking pedestrian and transport requirements into account.

Council voted unanimously for a new public comment period to go ahead. 

For a period of three weeks or more, the city will advertise the Spencer Street Activity Corridor Design Guidelines for public comment. 

The council will then consider adopting the guidelines and any submissions lodged during the public advertising period. 

City of Bunbury Deputy Mayor Jaysen Miguel was certain the plan would provide Spencer Street and Bunbury with increased business and residential opportunities. 

“We’re looking at making that area a mix of business and residential, so there might be services at the bottom of the buildings and people living upstairs,” he said. 

“We’re really looking to have that mix of business and residential in the one area.

“It’s the main corridor into the city, so it’ll be nice for all of that to be happening.”

In favour of more people living in or near the CBD, Mr Miguel added: “The people living and working in Spencer Street are more likely to come into the CBD and create a vibrancy around town.” 

“That’s always been my calling point – if we can get people living in there, they are going to continue spending their money in the CBD because it will be easier.”

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