If you are thinking of selling, it’s important to get your property up to scratch

As the leaves unfurl and stretch, every living thing seems to find a renewed exuberance as spring returns and bounces back into life. 

Home buyers lead the charge when it comes to returning back to life as markets prepare for the annual onslaught of home listings for the spring property sale season. 

If you are thinking of selling, it’s important to get your property up to scratch.

Many others will have the same idea so competition is high in spring.

Give your property the best chance to catch the eye of potential buyers and give it a spring spruce up.  

Adam McMahon has been selling homes for more than 22 years and has offered some advice for getting your home ready for a spring sale.

Pack up the mess

This is perhaps one of the simplest and cheapest ways to make your home look more attractive to potential buyers. 

“Tidy and simplify each room to create a welcoming sense of space. There’s no second chance to make a first impression,” Adam said.

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Potential with paint 

“A lick of paint can be an extremely cost-effective way of rejuvenating your home’s curbside appeal,” said Adam.

Stick to neutral colours in order to please most buyers and allow them to mentally place their furniture and decor in the space when they’re looking. 

Add some sparkle

With home decorating shows all over the TV, potential buyers are expecting to see high-quality styling. 

Do it yourself or employ a professional property stylist. 

“Replace old towels and throws with updated versions in on-trend hues, or rent furniture, accessories and artwork to create a stylish feel inside that lures potential buyers and enhances the buyer's emotional connection with the home,” Adam said.

Garden love

“Pull out the weeds, mow the lawns and plant some new flowers to add some colour and vitality,” Adam said

The more you know

“Don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Gather advice from property experts in your area about how the market is behaving. Find out what changes might be in store and what buyers are most focused on,” Adam said.