Letters to the Editor – Wednesday, October 3

This week's photo was taken by Kevin Blacker. Email your photos to editor.bunburymail@fairfaxmedia.com.au for a chance to be featured.
This week's photo was taken by Kevin Blacker. Email your photos to editor.bunburymail@fairfaxmedia.com.au for a chance to be featured.

Water park 

Bunbury council have been planning a water park for the area since 2011.

Planning has so far cost $440,000 without any real progress.  

Yet Bali has a better water park – waterbomb, than any in Western Australia.  

That's why families spend their money overseas and not here in WA.

That's because our council is backward thinking.


Bunbury Water Playground

In reference to Bunbury Mail September 26, 2018, “Water playground wanted”

Public interest since 2011.

Reviewing several plans in the last four years, so it takes a year to review a plan does it?

And at a cost of $440,000 dollars without having even started construction?

And the article goes on to state how well received the one in Collie is.

The people responsible for not acting on this already and responsible for spending $440,000 on essentially nothing to date should be nothing short of absolutely disgusted with themselves and what is quite clear to all but themselves, a criminal waste of funds. 

Michael Steele

One tree

One tree cut down in Gelorup is a crime, yet thousands of trees similar to this are cut down by the Forest Products Commission every year in our forests, many to be burnt to produce silicon at Kemperton north of Bunbury and nary a whimper from the public for the trees or the wildlife they once provided homes, food and shelter for, support the end of logging in our Native Forests.

Arthur Waterhouse

Where are we going?

Am I an alien? No, at the age of 73 probably just a member of the human race blessed with common sense, slowly passing into extinction along with the rest of my peers.

What’s this about? Well, a few days ago, I was watching Today on Channel 9 where it was announced that people in Melbourne have decided in the best interests of gender equality, to call ‘Him’ and ‘Her’ They.

A little while later, while I was still struggling to get my head around this new found logic, a black haired woman with big ultra white teeth surrounded by bright red lipstick, gushed endlessly on the same program about how she agreed utterly with this new, wonderful and innovative descriptive expression of who we are.

She says we just need to learn a new English language and learn to rethink how we speak.

Why not? I mean what else should we be doing with our time?

By the time I fall off the perch, people in the western world will be speaking a version of the English language I won’t understand.

For instance, the colour ‘black’ will no longer be a colour. It will be termed non white or something. You cannot call it ‘dark’ because that is likely to be offensive as well.

I remember somebody calling a black sheep, black, some place in Victoria some time ago, which led to all sorts of negative waves from the media at the time.

It was because of the sensitivities of the sheep in question which was not able to defend itself against such blasphemy.

Good heavens! Calling a black sheep black! Can you imagine? Where do you go from here? The mind boggles!

Just watching the Today show again this morning in Sydney, they were referring to mothers and fathers in the normal context. It really is an enlightening world we are living in, isn’t it?

Now we are developing a whole new language to lessen the danger of offending some oxygen thief with too much time on his/her hands.

I look at their demonstrated I.Q. levels on TV over there where I once came from long ago and thank heaven I live in the West.

P. Clausen