Bunbury MLA urges community to sign petrol petition

The campaign to get an explanation as to why Bunbury drivers pay more for petrol than other regional towns is in full swing with local businesses and community members driving it forward. 

In September, Bunbury MLA Don Punch started a petition demanding answers around Bunbury’s ongoing high petrol prices.

Once the petition is complete it will be sent with a detailed briefing paper to WA federal senator Louise Pratt calling for action on regional pricing structures in WA.

Mr Punch said he was determined to get an explanation and encouraged the community to support it by signing the petition. 

“The important thing with this petition is that it’s targeted with an explanation as to why Bunbury pays more than other comparable locations,” he said. 

“We know that petrol pricing is going up generally everywhere but in Bunbury we always seem to be five cents or so ahead of the game.

“We’ve had a tremendous response, we’ve had volunteers come in and take petitions out and run them through clubs and families and bring them back in.

“Retails outlets have contacted us wanting to host the petition and we’ve had people in the community ring and ask us to make sure it is accessible in places like Australind and Dalyellup, so we’ve done that.”

Mr Punch said he wanted to give Senator Pratt as much information as possible to make sure the Senate had a good look at what was happening in Bunbury. 

“The more signatures we get the better it will be in terms of carrying an argument forward to the Senate, which is where the petition is heading to,” he said.  

For more information contact Mr Punch’s electoral office on 9791 3636.