Bunbury Tennis Club to hold coaching day on October 13

Back in full force after a quiet winter, players, coaches, and organisers at the Bunbury Tennis Club are busily preparing for the 2018/19 season. 

The club is holding a new members/bring a friend day on Saturday, October 13, in which people can come along and give it a shot.

The day will be free for visitors and friends, giving people a valuable opportunity to have some fun and test their skills. 

The day will include a free coaching session at 1pm for visitors, with new players welcome to play with other club members after that session.

At 3.30pm, there will be a display of cardio tennis and the opportunity for potential new members to have a try out.

Bunbury Tennis Club president Jeff Glossop said the coaching day is all about encouraging people to come along and see whether they like tennis.

Several club members represented Bunbury at the annual Tri City Tournament, held in Mandurah on Sunday, September 16. 

Involving players from the South West, Mandurah, Perth, the competition saw teams of eight men and eight women play against one another throughout the day. 

Mandurah did enough to take home the most wins. 

Visit the Bunbury Tennis Club Facebook page for more information about the group. 

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