2018 Brunswick Show delivers a fun day out

The 87th annual LiveLighter Brunswick Agricultural Show had something for everyone on Saturday. 

Thousands of visitors flocked from across the South West to join in the fun and excitement of the day.

Turning right inside the main gate took guests straight into side-show alley where games of chance produced plenty of winners. Some younger victors took home stuffed toys bigger than themselves. 

Daredevils were able to test their nerves on the carnival rides while trying to choose the right show bag is never an easy task. 

Progressing through the show grounds, prize winning farm animals were paraded for the judges and a wide range of agricultural equipment was up for sale.

A trip into the pavilion gave the creatives among the crowd something to enjoy, browsing the various arts and crafts on display.  

Back outside, those who felt peckish were kept satisfied by a variety of food trucks with all the show staples including fresh donuts and fairy floss. 

A series of obstacles were placed on Brunswick Oval for the equestrians to guide their mounts over before the winding path took each guest through the many market stalls. 

For more coverage of the 2018 Brunswick Show, grab your free copy of the Bunbury Mail on Wednesday.