Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association hosts 2018 Eversmile Dental Big Smash Series

Some of Western Australia's best badminton players recently visited Bunbury for an exhilarating day of competition. 

Fifty players – from the South West, Perth, Mandurah, and many more areas – competed in the 2018 Eversmile Dental Big Smash Series on November 3, hosted by the Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association. 

The competitors took part in eight-minute matches, needing to score as many points as possible within the allotted time limit. 

Teams were given just two minutes between each game to sub players in and out.

Bunbury and Districts Badminton Association president Nigel Smith said the tournament’s format was vastly different to that of the Bunbury Open. 

He said the event was based around speed, skill, and determination. 

“The strategy within each game is to always stay in front because you don’t know when that whistle is going to go off,” he said.

“We want people to get involved and have fun. 

“It’s all about participation. It’s competitive but we also want people to have a good time while playing.”

Club vice-president and tournament organiser Julien Bradford thanked competitors for another top-notch event.

“It demonstrates how good our court facilities are and how good it is to have a facility dedicated to badminton,” he said. 

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