Choose Respect column: Respect for self, others, police and the law

Police in the South West Police District have supported the “Choose Respect” project since its inception.

This is because by being respectful of each other, police and our communities can work together to address crime and road trauma.

Respect begins and is the most powerful when demonstrated at the individual level.  

When we respect each other and ourselves, we consider the impact our decisions and actions have on others as well as ourselves.

When you consider others and yourself, you chose not to drive after drinking.

For those using illicit drugs, when you consider others and yourself, you seek help.

For those who graffiti, when you consider others and yourself, you walk past the freshly painted wall.  

You make those better choices.

Bunbury Police have seen the positive effects of the “Choose Respect” program.

The commitment to the program by local government, business and community groups has seen improvement in behaviour around licenced premises.

This encourages more people to enjoy the area, which further discourages bad behaviour.

A respectful restaurant and entertainment area is built on consideration, where everyone can enjoy themselves without negatively impacting on the enjoyment of others.

Respecting all is one of the foundations of how the WA Police Force will meet its current vision of being an exceptional police force for our community.

A group of individuals who choose respect make an exceptional community.

Mick Sutherland

District Superintendent

South West Police District.