Bunbury petrol petition sent to Senator

The campaign to get an explanation as to why Bunbury drivers pay more for petrol than other regional towns is continuing with local businesses and community members driving it forward. 

In September, Bunbury MLA Don Punch started a petition demanding answers around Bunbury’s ongoing high petrol prices.

After collecting more than 2,500 signatures, the petition has been sent to Senator Louise Pratt. 

“I’m hoping that she is able to table it in the Senate before the end of the year and I will be liasing with her office to see what we can do to help shine a spotlight on getting an explanation as to why we’re paying more in Bunbury,” Mr Punch said.

“We had 10 per cent of the electorate sign the petition – that’s great.”

Mr Punch said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission had a role to play in investigating price disparities.

“I think they can certainly start in regional WA,” he said. 

“The ACC has basically said ‘it’s all too hard for us, go to Fuel Watch and shop around’, but that’s not good enough especially when you’re confronted with small scale scenarios like we have in Bunbury where we know that we’re paying more than places like Harvey and Busselton, with no rational explanation that is easily understood.

“People in the regions are highly vulnerable – totally dependant on cars, and on being able to access fuel at a reasonable price and with that level of dependency I think there is an obligation on the ACC to be more proactive. 

“It’s one that I’ll be watching closely and doing whatever I can to shine a light on the situation in Bunbury.”