Scott and McGregor family descendants come together for 180 Year Reunion

Descendants of the Scott and McGregor families came together to share stories about the history of Bunbury on December 1. 

Hosted by the Bunbury First Settlers’ Descendants Group, the ‘180 Year Family Reunion’ saw people from across Australia visit Payne Park to learn more about the Scotts and McGregors. 

Members of the Bunbury Oral History Group were on hand to interview some of the attendees. 

Bunbury First Settlers’ Descendants Group chairman Geoffrey Scott said the event helped people to understand more about their ancestors. 

“It was great to see everyone in attendance,” he said. 

“There was quite a good crowd. We had people who came over from Sydney and down from Port Hedland. 

“There are some interesting points that have come out of it.” 

Bunbury First Settlers’ Descendants Group committee member Colin Scott said they were looking forward to the 200th anniversary in 2038. 

“These sorts of events recognise the efforts of our ancestors,” he said.

“Our ancestors flew under the radar in their efforts to build a community.

“Small events like these also fly under the radar with good intent and a really good result. 

“The preservation of our history – oral and photographic history, in particular – is really important.”

Visit the Bunbury’s First Settlers’ Descendants Facebook group or contact for more. 

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