Wishing everyone a safe, happy Christmas

Customarily over the Christmas and New Year period the number of vehicles travelling to and from the South West increases significantly, meaning there is also a greater risk of serious and fatal crashes on our roads.

Families  are always time poor, whilst going from one gathering to another, and foolishly attempt to make up that time on the roads.

They want to visit loved ones, exchange gifts and enjoy each other’s company before heading onto the next celebration.

A fleeting lapse of concentration can have terrible consequences that will last a life time, effecting not just family and friends but the larger community as well.

Members from the WA Police Force will again be out in force over this seasonal holiday to provide an increased presence on our roads targeting drink driving, speeding, the non-use of restraints, mobile phone offences, unlicensed driving and unlicensed vehicles.

All we ask is that all road users drive safely to their chosen destination showing patience, respect and courtesy whilst obeying the road rules.

These laws are there for the benefit of everyone and if you pay attention your Christmas will be much more enjoyable.

Police and other emergency services will be working over this very hectic period to keep the WA community and road users safe with many of these people missing out on special family celebrations that everyone takes for granted.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy and safe Christmas.

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