Physie benefits ladies of all ages

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Bunbury City Physie is offering dance classes to girls and women of all ages at two locations every week – the New Lyric Theatre, Bunbury and Hope Christian School, Roelands.

Bunbury City Physie is defined by its professionalism and the experienced team of dance educators who will manage and teach at the club. Kate Ausden, a Physie expert and lawyer, Ashleigh Hair, a physiotherapist and Corinne White, formerly qualified RAD ballet teacher, choreographer, volunteer dance teacher at Hope Christian College and John Curtin College of the Arts graduate.

They have joined together to teach a dancesport they love and know Bunbury and its surrounds will love too.

BCP is also uniquely placed, given the qualifications obtained by the teachers, to provide specialist stretching, flexibility and technique classes.

Ashleigh (as a physiotherapist) will be providing stretching courses in which she will use her advanced knowledge of anatomy and physiology to ensure correct technique and facilitate building strength and flexibility safely.

BJP Physical Culture is a prized example of Australian women’s ingenuity.

It is managed, choreographed and taught by Australian women to be loved and enjoyed by Australian women. For 125 years, Australian women have enjoyed Physie.

With more than 10,000 members, approximately 500 teachers and more than 145 clubs which now stretch into New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and now Western Australia, Physie is a female phenomenon.

There are few dance styles, which are uniquely Australian and all female.

Physie provides a platform for grandmothers, mothers and daughters to belong to the same club, practice on the same night and even perform at the same competitions, displays and concerts (noting all are optional).

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Every year a set syllabus is created for the following age groups: tiny tots (3-4), 5-8s, 9-12s, 13 plus, seniors (16-28) and ladies (20s plus).

The ladies syllabus has different versions, which mean that women in their twenties to women in their eighties can dance if they wish. There is even a national competition, which is highly competitive, for women aged over 60.

The syllabus, comprising five difference dances, changes every calendar year.

Each dance is in a different style – one dance is best described as standing yoga or pilates, the other floor yoga or pilates, there are two contemporary dances, a softer ballet routine and, to start, a heart-pounding aerobic routine to warm up the body.

All the routines are to modern, well-known music, released in the previous year.

The syllabus develops bodily awareness and control, improves fitness and strength, and develops musicality.

The routine is achievable, confidence building and suitable to the age of the performers.

But, Physie is best known for one thing - that it is unashamedly inclusive and inexpensive (with classes ranging from $5 to $10).

Physie furnishes everyone, irrespective of age and ability, with a platform to ‘shine brightly’ and do movement to music.

There are also rules ensuring that girls look age appropriate by regulating leotards and not allowing the use of fake tan and some make-up.

Join Bunbury City Physie at Hope Christian College, Roelands on Mondays and at the New Lyric Theatre Bourke Street on Tuesdays.

Call 0437 599 664, email or find them on Facebook.