Letters to the Editor – February 13

This week's photo was taken by Gary Tate. Email your photos to editor.bunburymail@fairfaxmedia.com.au for a chance to be featured.
This week's photo was taken by Gary Tate. Email your photos to editor.bunburymail@fairfaxmedia.com.au for a chance to be featured.

Banking Action Required by Customers

In the wake of the sustained and appalling behaviour of the major banks and their executives over many years in Australia and by extension their staff, it was disappointing that the final recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission were so inadequate.

A slap with a wet lettuce leaf was the response to the unprofessional, unconscionable and un-Australian behaviour uncovered. Where is the justice for the many victims who appeared before the Commissioner? And the many other cases not heard?

The silence from the Federal Government Ministers is deafening! It would be impossible to keep them quiet if this very same behaviour had been uncovered by the ABCC in relation to the behaviour of any union executives or personnel.

The lack of outrage by media commentators has also been disappointing.

Therefore it is up to bank customers to deliver their verdict. Now is the time to review your banking arrangements and take your business to a smaller community or service focussed bank like P & N, ME Bank,...etc.

You will find personal service from yesteryear and that you are not just a number in the system. And without a need to deliver on shareholder demands, you will find you have an importance that a bank customer had prior to 1990.

It's our turn to act. You may also find that along with the better service you will be financially rewarded too. Don't accept this bad behaviour. Act now and make the big banks take notice.

Bill Brindley, Eaton

Step Up Step Down mental health facility

I cannot believe that Bunbury City Council would approve the Step Up Step Down mental health facility be built on Vittoria Road.

Does the Mayor or Mr Punch have any idea at all just how much traffic uses Vittoria Road daily?

The positioning of the building on a busy road, between three primary schools, close to a skate park and lake is all beyond comprehension to the average person.

Yes, probably a needed facility but why is it not being built closer to medical facilities in a more secluded, safe and quieter area?

Seriously, it’s time more consideration was given to keeping the city alive, and what consultation was had with neighbouring property owners and residents in the area?

As usual there will be a tragedy and then realisation will hit.


Laws for Dog Walkers

Have you ever tried to have a quiet walk with your dog and had someone else's dog/s coming at you full bore, baring it's teeth? I have. 

It happened on Eaton Foreshore over the weekend.  And what makes this even more outrageous is that the owners, of both dogs, did nothing. 

No recall of their dogs, no apology, no censure for their dogs and, what is more appalling, they didn't put their dogs on their leads and remove them from the situation. 

They continued walking, with their dogs off lead, as if nothing had happened.

Now this situation could have been so much worse, with a dreadful outcome. 

What if I hadn't been aware of the situation and experienced enough to yell a command at these dogs and protect my own girl? 

What if there was a child involved instead of a dog, or there had been children in the area?  What if my dog had been aggressive?  What if (just pop any awful scenario in here)?

Incase dog owners aren't aware, the requirements, under the WA Dog Act 1976, outline that a dog attack doesn't necessarily have to mean an injury has occured.

An infringement can be issued for 'an attack that caused fear, without injury'. There is also a requirement that your dog needs to be able to be recalled and come straight back to you.  

You are responsible for your dog and it's actions at all times. Your dog is your responsibility. It is not the responsibility of another dog owner, who is trying to protect their dog from being confronted, accosted and/or attacked by your dog. 

There is proposal for a fenced area on the Eaton Foreshore. 

In my opinion, the prospect of fencing in dogs, unknown to each other and mostly unsupervised, due to their owners chatting or being on their phones, instead of supervising their dogs, really doesn't reflect this idea as a safe option.  

However, what is needed, is that all dog owners pay more attention to where their dogs are and what their dogs are doing, and that they not encroach on other dogs and their owners.  

Bernadette Butler, Eaton