Local businesses get advice at fair

More than 200 people attended the Department of Jobs and Small Business fair last week. 

The fair operated as a one-stop-shop where people got to speak with locally-based Government agencies about simplifying taxes, using digital marketing and e-commerce tools and prioritising wellbeing.

Forrest MP Nola Marino said it had been a fantastic initiative that she would like to see happen in the region again. 

“I am so pleased so many small business owners in the South West took the time to find out more about the services we can provide to help grow our region,” she said. 

Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief executive Mark Seaward said the small business fair was critical for the local community. 

“A lot of small business don’t have time to try and engage with this many agencies in the one go,” he said. 

“There is some really good signs, what we’re going to be seeing in the next 12 to 18 months as bigger projects kick off, there is going to be great demand in the small business space for new jobs, new employees.”

AMD Chartered Accountants Melissa Barrett attended the fair and said they came along to get equipped with information for their clients. 

“I think it’s great that everything is in the one place, people aren’t having to go and find different information in various areas, they’ve come to us and they are here to support us,” she said.