Choosing respect in sport

Sport can tell the story of life.

The way we act when we play, can show us how we engage in other aspects of our social lives.

Quite often our actions in life can, and will be drawn from our sporting culture.

That's why we Choose Respect in sport. These two simple words that make such an impact on how we act.

It's a responsibility that we all should embrace, no matter our role, as a player, as a coach and as a spectator. It is everyone's responsibility to make that choice.

In a positive environment sport can be a powerful vehicle for developing life skills, such as teamwork, dedication and goal setting.

Sport teaches our children values and inclusion.

Sports help develop resilience, courage, determination.

Sports matter for every child.

Like training - it's something we all need to work on. It takes all of us parents, children and coaches working together to provide this type of environment, and parents are an integral part of this sport team.

No matter your role, be a positive role model - remember those two simple words and change the game to provide a better environment for our kids.

Teach our children to win, or lose with grace. Choose your words, choose your actions, choose your next move.

Remember why kids play sport, they do it because they enjoy it.

Keep the game fun, help them learn new skills, help them work within a team to develop positive relationships to be with their friends.

Help them to feel safe, secure and to be treated with respect.

The Choose Respect message is simple and small actions by the many can make a big difference.

At our Bunbury Junior Football Club, we will be displaying signage at our games to help keep the message in the forefront of our minds.

We are actively encouraging everyone involved in our club and the SWJFL to help grow a positive sporting culture, and make it fun for our kids.

With the changing season and winter sports about to begin for many, it is a timely reminder for all to ensure you make a positive impact and Choose Respect in sport.

- Jarrad Zanich, President Bunbury Junior Football Club