Future of Bunbury train service in focus

South West MLC Colin Holt has called for more action for Bunbury's train service the Australind, demanding improved wait times and a solid plan to move the station closer to the CBD.

"While there has been a clear focus by the government on metropolitan transport projects, the South West is yet to see any action on this front," he said.

Mr Holt said Bunbury MLA Don Punch had promised to "build a faster train service that will get people up and down to Bunbury at convenient times" and "not waste time on further studies and inaction."

"Here we are, two years on from the key election promise for this region that if Labor came to power it would revamp the Australind rail service, improve journey times and identify a new location for Bunbury Train Station," he said.

"It's time that we had some clear-cut answers on improved travel times and the impact of any proposed timetable changes.

"We need a strong, inclusive program of consultation to identify the best site for a train station closer to the city centre."

In response, Mr Punch questioned what Mr Holt had achieved in his eight years in government.

"It is all very well to be concerned about the Australind train service now but you were part of a government that ignored the service, allowed the train to fall into disrepair and in doing so treated regional people reliant on the service with contempt," Mr Punch said.

"Honestly, after his government's track record, Mr Holt has a bit of a hide coming out now and representing himself as an advocate for the Australind Train Service and the passengers of the South West."

Mr Punch said the first priority was for a reliable train to run daily with the state government calling for tenders to replace the current train.

The Australind was taken out of service in January due to urgent maintenance requirements and only resumed again this week.

"Initial investigations into opportunities to improve travel times have been undertaken and experts are now engaged to ensure the best solution is identified," Mr Punch said.

"I understand the Bunbury Development Committee is considering the issue of the location of the station and is keen to engage with the community - I will ensure Bunbury people get a say on the future of the Bunbury station."

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