Bunbury Bowling Club teams take part in Community Shield on April 27

A collection of Bunbury Bowling Club - Community Corporate Bowls players went up against competitors from across Western Australia late last month.

Wednesday night competition winners Head Hunters (Shane Partridge, Gavin Reynolds, Shane Carter, and Greg Jackson) and Tuesday night winners 3 Amigos + 1 (Darky Thomson, Peter Dezotti, Neil Smith, and Colleen Clements) travelled to Perth for the annual Community Shield event on Saturday, April 27.

The competition seeks to find the best social bowls team in the state.

Head Hunters notched up one win from four matches, while 3 Amigos + 1 came away with two victories.

Attracting around 150 players per season, Bunbury Bowling Club's Community Corporate Bowls events bring people together from all over the region.

Each season kicks off in November and draws to a close in March.

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