United Australia candidate: Dale Bromley

Dale Bromley will be running for the United Austraila Party. Mr Bromley has lived in the South West for 30 years working with people with a disability, drug addiction and homeless.

How will your party's policies benefit the Forrest electorate?

As we head into the colder months, my thoughts go to our pensioners of the South West, unable to keep warm at night due to high electricity prices. We would increase the pension $150 per week. It's just one way we are supporting our pensioners.

Home loans would be tax deductable. That's a simple way to put money back into the pockets of hard working families and stimulate growth in new housing.

What Australia grows, grows Australia. We must support our farmers who support us. The United Australia will build strong policies to help our farmers and to keep our farms Australian owned.

What infrastructure projects would you like to see up and running in Forrest?

The Capel/Busselton of the Bussell Highway dual carriageway is one of my key issues. The work was begun, and then it stopped.

It is now the most riskiest country road in WA. Liberal and Labor blame each other while people die and businesses down south suffer. Enough is enough. This will be my first priority if elected.

The United Australia Parties focus is on the people of Australia and their safety. Some of our roads in the Forrest electorate are deadly and need to be fixed.

What are the issues most affecting people living in Forrest?

As I travel around the Forrest electorate, I have asked this same question.

Our Farmers are hurting, small business is unsustainable, our roads are dangerous and drug and alcohol addiction is spiraling out of control. They have lost faith in our major parties and they want a change.

How would you address these issues in the House of Reps?

I would work with our farmers to agree on the best solutions and present those to Parliament.

I would then act to get them passed in the Senate. In regards to road safety, I will lobby the ministers until I find out who is responsible and hold them account.

I have worked in the human services industry for 20 years, I have seen drug and alcohol addiction at its worst and the crimes it creates.

I will lobby to get more funding for our fantastic services we have in the Forrest electorate so they can cope with the numbers and continue the education.

Anything else?

We need to introduce a zonal taxation system giving regional Australians a 20 per cent tax break, which would encourage people to move to regional areas and reduce infrastructure pressure in our cities.

Structural changes such as abolishing provisional tax would put $70 billion back into the economy instantly and helping small business.