Daniel Clayton Smith, 34, jailed for possessing meth in December 2018

Daniel Clayton Smith, 34, faced Bunbury District Court on Monday, May 13, after admitting to one count of possessing methamphetamine with intent to sell or supply.

The court heard that Smith rode an unregistered motorcycle in Withers, around 5pm on December 6, 2018.

Approached by police, Smith refused to hand over his backpack. He then attempted to hide two clipseal bags by throwing them away from the area.

The bags contained a total of 6.87 grams of meth, at 79 per cent purity.

Police also found some empty clipseal bags, new and used syringes, scales, and tick-lists.

The tick-lists featured names and information regarding debts of up to $550.

The court was told Smith had suffered a "horrible" childhood, in which he was cast out on to the streets at an early age. He was also expelled from school in Year 9.

After working on several mine sites, the 34-year-old's mental health began to deteriorate.

Smith then lost his job, returned to Bunbury, and started selling and supplying prohibited drugs to cover his rent.

The defence said Smith was remorseful for his actions, and interested in undergoing counselling and rehabilitation.

The prosecution noted that Smith had been selling drugs and "standing over" people for six-to-eight months prior to his arrest.

They said the offence was "indicative of an ongoing, low-level street operator."

District Court Judge Bruce Goetze said Smith was "deceitful" and had engaged in "risk taking behaviour".

Smith received a 16-month term of imprisonment, backdated to December 6, and was made eligible for parole.

Judge Goetze ordered the destruction of the drugs and drug paraphernalia.

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