Benefit from the best of both worlds

You might think Soils Ain't Soils Bunbury is a franchise, but you would be wrong.

Husband and wife duo Brendan and Helena Fergusson took the business over in 2006 and signed an agreement which allowed them to use the name and products their namesake supplied in Perth.

That's why Brendan and Helena want to let their customers know that when they shop at Soils Ain't Soils Bunbury they are getting the best of both worlds - the ability to purchase a constantly evolving product range all while supporting a small family-owned and operated local business.

Brendan has a horticulture background, working in garden design and maintenance and then managing vineyards for a number of years, while Helena has a background in bookkeeping, marketing and truck driving.

Their combined skills made the perfect recipe for running a landscape supply yard.

"We've been owner operators for 13 years, seven days a week," Brendan said.

Brendan and Helena's sons are also involved in the family business as well as two casual employees, one of whom delivers products to customer homes.

Soil is constantly evolving so the team pride themselves on stocking bulk and bagged soils, mulches, compost, sands, aggregate and groundcover.

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"Customers continue to come in because they keep the tried and tested but are constantly searching for top quality and new and innovative items," Brendan said.

"Without customer feedback, we would not be able to provide such quality products and keep our prices so reasonable."

"All of the bulk and bagged products we sell have been tried and tested by us first."

"We stand by our range, giving our customers a guarantee of quality."

The use of organic soils, fertilisers and soil improvers are proving popular with customers.

Soils Ain't Soils Bunbury is one of few yards locally to stock Genuine Organic Mushroom Compost which is a fantastic product along with its sister the Premium Organic Compost.

"We stock the innovative line of Sabrina Hahn Grow Safe Fertiliser and it has been such a hit that we introduced the rest of her spray on range," Brendan said.

"Getting the product right the first time can save you time and money."

"We learn a lot through our customers, not all gardens are just shrubs and lawns so finding out about what works for others in their gardens has been a crucial part of our learning journey."