Choose Respect column: YouthCARE chaplaincy

There's over 450 YouthCARE school chaplains working in schools every week across WA.

These chaplains care for the social, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing of students, families and staff.

Their support helps students achieve their potential, both academically and in their social and family lives.

Through the use of programs and one on one pastoral care, YouthCARE chaplains help students make good decisions, build resilience and respect.

The Choose Respect message fits perfectly with the work of our chaplains.

Respect for one self as well as for others and our surroundings is such an important part of development for young people.

Having the common message of respect, to treat with care and consideration, reinforced by the whole community will have a huge impact on the future our children inherit.

Currently in the Bunbury region there is 16 YouthCARE chaplains providing pastoral care to 22 schools.

In 2018, Bunbury YouthCARE chaplains had over 9,000 conversations with students.

These conversations have helped students with mental health concerns, family and peer relationships and their academic lives.

Bunbury YouthCARE chaplains run almost 80 different programs in schools.

Programs that equip students with tools to better relate with one another, skills to mentor other students, anti-bullying strategies and much more.

Each year in Bunbury over 8,600 meals are served to students through Breakfast Club, a program that allows chaplains to meet with students in a relaxed environment where they can build relationships with students and set students up for a productive day.

Fundraising to support the work of chaplains is an ongoing task.

On July 31 the Bunbury Regional YouthCARE Council will host a visit from the child development and parenting expert, Maggie Dent.

For more contact 1300 661 272.

David Cunniffe - Bunbury YouthCARE