SBL, Round 17: Joondalup Wolves claim narrow wins over Slammers in Eaton

Despite a 42-point haul from import Makailah Dyer, the South West Slammers' Women failed to tame the Joondalup Wolves in Round 17.

Returning to the Eaton Recreation Centre, the Slammers fought to prove themselves and to move up the ladder.

Dyer got the ball rolling in the first term, before captain Courtney Bayliss (earning a double-double with 13 points and 10 rebounds) landed several impressive attempts.

Pestering the home side, Chelsea Belcher (13) and Jasmine Martin (8) put the Wolves in front by two at the first change.

With the Slammers struggling throughout the second term, captain Amber Land (22 points, 15 rebounds), Isabelle Miotti (14), and Mikayla Pirini (12) then extended Joondalup's lead.

Dyer (claiming 12 in the third term), Brittni Montgomery (a remarkable 20 points, 22 rebounds), and Adele East (6) kept the home side's chances alive in the second half.

The trio's lay-ups and free throws sent the crowd into a frenzy.

Trailing by 11 at three quarter time, Slammer Bianca Donovan (6) levelled the scores with a stunning three-pointer midway through the final term.

Both sides went shot-for-shot in the dying stages, before superstar Andrea Ritter (10) put Joondalup ahead by one with 13 seconds remaining.

The Slammers slipped to 10th on the ladder following the heart-breaking 90-91 defeat.

A sluggish fourth quarter saw the Slammers' Men's side suffer an eight-point loss at home.

Following spells from Slammers Terrell Carter (25 points, 13 rebounds) and Mitchell Keller (8), Wolves Kevin Davis (15 points, 10 rebounds) and Seb Salinas (14) fought to level the scores at quarter time.

Once again, Slammers' captain Michael Lay (8) anchored his side and converted numerous chances throughout the game.

Tyler Livingston (14) and James Allen (9) rallied to put the home side ahead by five at the main break.

Joondalup's Trian Iliadis (17) and Earnest Ross jr. (9) tore through the Slammers' defence, before Reece Maxwell (15) went on a scoring spree in the third term.

Behind by two at the final change, the Wolves then sunk a stellar 20 points to 10 in the fourth.

Joondalup retained top spot with a gutsy 79 to 71 win on Saturday night.

The Slammers currently reside at the bottom of the ladder, with just one win from 21 games.

Both Slammers' sides stand a chance against the Perry Lakes Hawks in Eaton this weekend.