Eaton man, 18, receives spent conviction over two drug offences

An 18-year-old Eaton man received a spent conviction after committing two drug offences earlier this year.

Attending Bunbury Magistrates Court on Thursday, July 11, the man pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and possessing drug paraphernalia.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Karl Rep told the court police searched a residence in Eaton, at 9.14am on Friday, April 12.

In the back room (separated from the rest of the house), officers uncovered cannabis as well as a glass smoking implement with traces of the drug.

The man had not committed any prior offences.

Accepting of the facts, his defence lawyer applied for a spent conviction.

The court heard that the man, prior to his arrest, was using cannabis whilst suffering from mental health issues.

Another young person - seen as a "negative influence" - had been living with the 18-year-old, at the time.

Following his arrest, the 18-year-old has undergone counselling to deal with his various issues.

After spending the past few months looking for a job, the man was recently offered work experience.

He is currently receiving money through Youth Allowance.

Sgt. Rep did not object to the possibility of a spent conviction.

Magistrate Belinda Coleman took references from the man's family and family friends into consideration.

"You have taken significant steps to get your cannabis misuse under control," Ms Coleman said.

"It is unlikely you will commit any further offences."

She handed down a $400 fine, granted a spent conviction, and ordered the destruction of the drugs and drug paraphernalia.