City of Bunbury council approves 2019/2020 Bunbury RoadWise Committee Action Plan

The City of Bunbury is taking major steps to help improve road safety in the South-West.

On Tuesday, July 9, council discussed the 2019/2020 Bunbury RoadWise Committee Action Plan.

The plan represents the committee's guide for this financial year.

The committee will formulate every new item in accordance with the plan.

The committee comprises of representatives from the City of Bunbury, State Government, Main Roads WA, WA Police, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, and local community.

They will continue to meet the objectives of the Local Government Road Safety Strategy.

Council voted unanimously in favour of the new plan.

City of Bunbury Mayor Gary Brennan acknowledged the committee's efforts within the community.

"There is a relentless push to raise awareness of the dangers on our roads. We need to constantly remind drivers that they're not invincible," he said.

"The action plan is made up of four elements - driver behaviour, road conditions, speed, and vehicle conditions.

"With those four elements combined, hopefully we can help to reduce to road toll to zero.

"The city's role is to support the plan, along with other recommendations made by the committee."

The city recently allocated $5000 from the 2019/20 budget for the committee to implement the plan.

Last week, council also voiced its support for proposed changes to the Homemaker Centre in East Bunbury.

Before the meeting, the city received a request from Planning Solutions Pty Ltd on behalf of Citygate Properties.

The proposed amendment calls for the establishment of a new building at the Albert Road/Mervyn Street junction.

Plans include a new 1000msq supermarket on the ground floor and apartments on the second level.

Council voted in favour of changing the site from a 'service commercial zone' to a 'local centre zone'.

Prior to public advertising, council will submit two copies of the draft Scheme Amendment No. 3 documentation to the Western Australian Planning Commission for their review.

Following the public consultation period, council will then reconsider the proposals.

"I'm pretty excited by it. I applaud the owners for recognising the changing market conditions," Mr Brennan said.

"In Bunbury, we have several property owners who can predict market changes ahead of time and then adapt to them.

"Bunbury is quickly becoming a place of interest for developers."