Bunbury Forum Manager Ashley Hastie discusses importance of Choose Respect program

A shopping centre is so much more than a place to pick up the groceries. A shopping centre is more like a community centre.

Being a community centre and a meeting place used by so many, it seems only fitting that we support and live the Choose Respect message.

Choosing to Respect others and our environment is a core value that we embrace, and as a community centre, believe we have the ability to support the Bunbury Choose Respect campaign and be part of the growth of respect in our community.

One of the wonderful things about Choose Respect it how easy it is to adopt into everyday life. Small acts and changes that can have a ripple effect in the community.

We're always looking for ways that we can contribute to our community and celebrate those who are making a positive impact.

Specifically, children, who have great potential to affect and create social change.

From this, the Choose Respect Champion programme was born.

A partnership between Choose Respect and Bunbury Forum where we seek nominations celebrating children in the community who are actively living the Choose Respect values.

June 2019 was the first month and we are happy to announce three winners of the Choose Respect Champion award.

Each winner worked independently to support others, create a cleaner and healthier environment or showed kindness to those less fortunate.

These winners receive a shopping voucher, certificate and Choose Respect Champion pin to wear with pride.

As we enter the second month of the programme, we look forward to seeing more nominations and celebrating more young people in our community.

I encourage you to look out for young people in your life who are living the Choose Respect message.

Nominations are now open and can be placed by visiting Bunbury Forum's Centre Management office or at bunburyforum.com.au