Choose Respect Column: An invitation to support respect for us all

Imagine a community where everyone treats each other with respect.

That's the vision of the Bunbury Choose Respect campaign.

Yes, it may sound airy fairy and an impossible dream as we are confronted daily with images of violence and destructive behaviours.

But we are also surrounded by wonderful examples of kindness, of respect that don't always appear so visible.

The Bunbury Forum Choose Respect Champions program has certainly highlighted that with amazing young people recognised in the past two months.

Choose Respect encourages us all to focus on that positive and do what we can do to grow that respect as we treat ourselves, others and our surroundings with care and consideration as often as we can, then one by one, step by step, ripple by ripple, that vision grows.

No one is expected to be perfect.

All of us are likely to struggle through times when we're not at our best, when we need understanding, care and consideration from others.

Small things can make a big difference in all we do. Using Choose Respect as a tool for calm conversation can change a situation immeasurably.

The Bunbury Choose Respect committee is 100 per cent volunteer run.

We meet no more than six times per year and stay in contact via email between meetings.

We do what we can within our own circles of influence, whether that's in our own homes, neighbourhoods, schools, sporting organisations or workplaces, it all makes a difference.

We have a presence at as many community events as we can and we offer presentations to any groups or organisations wishing to include Choose Respect within their culture.

If you believe we need more respect in our world, please come along to our Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday, September 23 at 5.30pm in the South Bunbury Football Clubrooms and hear the progress of Choose Respect over the past 12 months.

While new members are always welcome, there is no pressure to join the committee, there are many ways to support the growth of respect simply within your own homes.

We have free handouts with helpful hints or you may also wish to join the Friends of Choose Respect to stay in touch with events we are involved with.

We can't rely on "someone else" - it's up to us and our children and grandchildren deserve our action.

If you would like more information or to nominate for the committee, please call 0434147257. RSVPs would be appreciated for catering purposes.