Gelorup residents concerned over asphalt plant plan

Gelorup community members have expressed their concerns regarding a new development proposal.

Allerding and Associates recently submitted a Development Application - for the creation of an asphalt plant at Lot 3 Allenville Road, Gelorup - to the Shire of Capel.

Lot 3 is the current location of the Gelorup Quarry.

The application outlines all production processes, site operations, and emissions management strategies.

A copy of the application and a summary of the proposal can now be viewed on the shire's website.

"Public submissions should be submitted by October 3, 2019, but officers will include submissions in the assessment process that are not unduly late," Shire chief executive officer Ian McCabe said.

"The application, all submissions, and the assessment of officers will be presented to the Capel Shire Council for their decision later in the year.

"No further comment will be made prior to council's consideration of all of those materials."

Speaking to the Mail earlier this week, shire residents David Clews, Rosina Mogg, Kaara Andrew, Christine Terrantroy, and Kieran Noonan all said that the plant should not be built in Gelorup.

"There is a residential area near the proposed site. There are also many health risks and environmental factors to consider," they said.

"The people of Gelorup have had enough."

Gelorup resident and current Shire of Capel councillor Michael Southwell also objected to the proposal, saying that the plant would cause significant problems for the community.

"The proposed location is completely inappropriate for any kind of asphalt plant," he said.

"At the moment, there is a feeling of outrage and anger within the Gelorup community.

"Fortunately, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation has extended its period for public comment.

"The shire will also be accepting late submissions, which gives us a bit more time.

"However, we still feel like we're under a lot of pressure."

Allerding and Associates was contacted for comment but was unable to respond in time for publication.

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