A smarter way to purchase your electricity

Powertex Capital Pty Ltd is helping businesses reduce their energy operating costs one day at a time with renewable energy.

Unlike households, which tend to use more energy before 9am and after 5pm, most businesses operate in daylight hours between 9am-5pm.

That's why commercial solar is an ideal solution for reducing energy costs, according to Powertex Capital directors, Adam Taylor and Reuben Ossevoort.

Powertex Capital is a new local energy retailer, similar to Synergy and Alinta.

"We can offer businesses a smarter way to purchase their electricity by offering significantly cheaper rates of electricity sourced from renewable energy sources such as solar and battery storage," Adam said.

"There are local businesses reaping the rewards right now for switching to a solar Power Purchase Agreement which has dramatically reduced their overhead costs and allowed them to have a competitive edge."

"Businesses nowadays need to keep lean to be sustainable in a competitive market."

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a great way for businesses to access the benefits of solar and battery storage systems without the need to spend any money on capital outlay.

Instead, Powertex Capital install a renewable energy system at no cost to the business and the business purchases electricity from the solar and/or battery storage system.

Powertex Capital only charge for the electricity which is generated and consumed by the business.

Any excess solar which is not consumed and therefore exports back to the main grid is deducted from the chargeable rate.

Solar PPA's operate under a contract which ranges from 10-15 years depending on the customers' requirements.

Powertex Capital will own and maintain the system throughout the contracted period.

Once the contracted period is finished, the customer has the choice to own the system for $0 or continue with a new PPA term.

The Electricity Industry Act 2004 states that any person selling electricity to customers must hold a retail license or license exemption.

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Powertex Capital has been granted an exemption, made by the Governor in Executive Council and published in the WA Government Gazette on March 29, 2018, under the Electricity Industry (Solar Power Purchase Agreements) Exemption Amendment Order 2018.

This exemption allows Powertex Capital to install solar power and/or battery storage systems on a customer's premises without charging any initial capital outlay.

Instead, the customer agrees to purchase the electricity generated by the solar power system for a reduced rate over the life of the contract.

"From what we understand, Powertex Capital is the only local company south of Bunbury who hold a license exemption under the Electricity Industry Act 2004," Adam said.

"Generally, businesses who spend more than $1000 per month in electricity could be eligible for a free solar PPA."

"We need to consider our environment and how we can best reduce our carbon footprint to save the generations ahead of us."

"It is very encouraging to see multinational companies even in Australia emphasizing the importance of climate change and taking positive action on renewables."

Powertex Capital installed a 40kW solar system at the Titanium Car and Dog Wash in Australind under a Power Purchase Agreement, considerably reduced the owner's energy bills.

With no upfront costs for either the system or maintenance and monitoring, the owner enjoyed lower energy costs immediately without spending capital.

"The owner has taken some significant steps in becoming a sustainable business and reducing their environmental impact," Adam said.

Neil Fox the owner of the Titanium Car and Dog Wash said the entire process was seamless.

"It was a way to use green energy without outlaying capital," he said.

"The whole process was a no-brainer and I don't have to maintain the system."

"I have enough to worry about in the day to day running of my business."

Powertex Capital is an approved solar retailer by the Clean Energy Council and is also a certified supplier and installer for Tesla Energy.

For more information call 1300 614 667, email sales@powertex.net.au or go to www.powertex.net.au