Time to add a touch of whimsy | Trending

Time to add a touch of whimsy | Trending

Consider adding a bit of fun to your ensemble, something playful and unique to what would otherwise be a rather staid affair.

Oly animal bust, $880. A fun focal point for your bookshelf or sideboard, if a rabbit isn't your thing there's also a ram and deer bust in the collection. cocorepublic.com.au

Georges floral boots, $239.90. Wear a pair with a floaty summer skirt or dress for a beautiful boho look. merchant1948.com.au

Crystal activated water bottle $120. When pure water is infused with crystal vibrations, it's charged with the healing properties of the stone, and can be used to promote healing and wellness. cawlife.com

Victorian Wars, $39.95 (set of four plates). Whether you hang them as a bespoke wall art feature, or serve up a meal to your guests on them, this historic take on a cinema favourite will have the whole room talking. lalalandshop.com.au

Camila Coelho Collection Ariella top, $229.30. Sick of wearing the same top every Saturday night? This one takes it up a notch. revolveclothing.com.au

Smeg x Dolce and Gabbana slow juicer, $1599. A splash of colour on the kitchen bench could be just the ticket this summer. smeg.com.au

Lemon placemat, $5. Brighten up your table setting with this playful design, a colourful choice for meals and gatherings any time of year. earlysettler.com.au

Car cufflinks, $29. A simple way to inject some personality into a standard suit is with a pair of novelty cufflinks. buckle1922.com.au

Suave Leopard print, $39.99. Not sure how to reflect your personality in your home? Artwork hits the mark every single time. wallartprints.com.au

Quavo nylon military buckle vest, $68. A bit out there for some, but if you can pull it off, this is high fashion at its most memorable. boohooman.com/au

Dolly fringed ottoman, $419. Named after Dolly Parton (thanks to its tiny waist), the brushed brass band cinches in the soft velvet above the swishy fringed skirt. circlehome.com.au

Matters of the Heart embellished heart sunglasses, $24. You can afford to pare back other accessories if you're wearing sunglasses with loads of pizzazz. nastygal.com/au

Little Pig rosé, $18. A new shiraz, sangiovese and merlot blend from Margaret River, bursting with crisp flavours of red currants, guava and citrus. Available at select retailers.

Fred Como llama tea infuser, $16.99. Fill the Andean-inspired infuser with your favourite blend of tea, stand it upright in your mug and steep. isgift.com

Starring You Kiss Of Stars lipstick, $31. This shade is called Destined For Stardom and would suit darker skin tones - a hit for the coming party season. maccosmetics.com.au