Shire of Capel defer subdivision application vote

The fate of the proposed subdivision on the former Killerby's Winery has been postponed with council voting to defer the motion.

Council were asked to approve amending planning scheme 7 to allow Cedar Woods to develop more than 40, one hectare rural lots, as well as upgrade Minninup Road.

During question time on November 27, three different residents asked about the item in regards to the environment, road and bridge upgrades.

Cr Kieran Noonan voted against the recommendation, saying he was concerned about the conservation of the area, particularly if water bores were put in by every potential landowners.

Cr Dave Clews also spoke against the motion and said he saw too many inconsistencies with the policies.

Cr Schiano spoke for the issue and said connection to water shouldn't be a problem because the land would be using scheme water.

"I don't think the extra bore argument holds up," he said.

He said the policies were consistent and the applicant had made modifications in order to do so.

"We don't want this going to the State Administrative Tribunal," he said.

After Cr Schiano spoke, Cr Clews decided to foreshadow an amendment to delay making a decision.

"Cr Schiano raised some good points and I think we interpreted the policies differently," he said.

"So I would like more time to look at it again."

The amendment was carried and council will now vote on the item at the December 18 meeting.