Bunbury's Choose Respect Inc aim to unite community

Show some care, share some kindness.

This was the motto behind the very successful Bunbury Choose Respect Day in November. This message of Care and Kindness supports Bunbury being the City of Respect. The City of Bunbury supported by Bunbury Respect Inc led the initiative using face to face, social media and visual displays to foster a culture of respect in our community.

This motto resonated strongly with the whole community, Care and Kindness Cards were distributed from businesses, shops, schools and at the Bunbury Forum and in the main street. Very positive feedback has been received from all areas and Choose Respect Day in Bunbury will become an annual event.

We are all aware of the high level of anti-social, violent and destructive incidents that occur in homes, work, sporting and leisure environments. We also know and acknowledge the huge number of adults, youth and children who go about their everyday with the intent to treat others and themselves with care and consideration. Bunbury Respect Inc's goal is to unite these people to lead by example, model, encourage and be visible as Champions of Respect.

The ground swell of Choose Respect is in homes, schools, sporting organizations, businesses and government agencies including Health and Police. By simply being reminded via seeing, hearing or feeling care and consideration the choose respect message is being enacted. Making a conscience decision to treat others with respect regardless of how they treat you is a very powerful way of treating yourself with respect.

The Bunbury Forum Choose Respect Champions initiative is a fantastic way of recognizing, acknowledging and rewarding those around us who go out of their way to show respect and treat others with care and consideration. Over 12 amazing young people from schools, homes and sporting organizations have received Choose Respect Champions awards this year setting a great example for our future.

The simple message behind Chose Respect is to treat yourself and others with care and consideration. This is vital if we are to make our community a safe and happy place to be. Everyone has a part to play, our community and our future is our responsibility.

- Choose Respect Inc chairperson Peter Rigdon