Woman granted spent conviction over incident from August 2018

No criminal conviction for woman

A Bunbury woman charged over an incident from August 2018 has avoided a criminal conviction.

The woman faced Bunbury Magistrates Court on February 6 over one count of obstructing police.

Police prosecutor sergeant Jo Morrissey told the court the woman and her husband were travelling along South Western Highway, in Roelands, on August 30, 2018.

Sgt. Morrissey said the pair were stopped by police approximately 6.30pm and the woman's husband was placed inside the police car, before being asked to undergo a drug test.

The court heard the woman was told to go back to her car, but refused to listen to police.

The woman then pushed past the officers to try and reach her husband.

Defence counsel Ntuthuko Mcingolwane said she was pregnant at the time, and "highly emotional" during the ordeal.

"She thought he was being arrested," he said. "All she wanted to do was to find out what was going on."

Applying for a spent conviction, Mr Mcingolwane said the woman was of "good character".

He added that a conviction would likely hinder her chances of renewing her Visa.

Sgt. Morrissey spoke out against the possibility of a spent conviction, saying that the woman was "not of previously good character".

Taking the woman's behaviour and references into account, Magistrate Belinda Coleman decided to grant the spent conviction.

"I think you're suitably embarrassed by what's happened," she said.

The maximum penalty for this type of offence is 18 months in prison or an $18,000 fine.