Taekwondo students Tahlia Gowland, Madison Booth earn 3rd Dan Black Belts

Tahlia Gowland and Madison Booth (both 15) have proven themselves to be two of the region's best martial arts students.

Last November, Tahlia, Madison, and around 100 other students (under the Taekwondo Ohdokwan chain) took part in the 2019 End of Year Black Belt Grading event in Perth.

Students were assessed on their self-defence, knife defence, kicking, sparring, and board-breaking skills.

The pair celebrated after achieving their 3rd Dan Black Belts. Tahlia also received the 'Best Black Belt Grading' award.

Tahlia and Madison are two of only eight Taekwondo Central members to have earned 3rd Dan Black Belts.

"It feels really good to reach this level," Tahlia said. "I would like to keep training in Taekwondo for as long as possible."

The pair are now working towards achieving their 4th Dan Black Belts within the next few years.

Taekwondo Central Master Head Instructor Justin Warren congratulated Tahlia and Madison on their determination and positivity.

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