Derek Lawrence Bhana, 51, receives 10-month suspended sentence

Man pleads to assault, drug charges

A 51-year-old man who admitted to assaulting a neighbour and threatening police has narrowly avoided an immediate prison term.

Returning to the Bunbury Magistrates Court on February 20, Derek Lawrence Bhana pleaded guilty to one count each of being armed/pretending to be armed in a way that may cause fear, common assault, disorderly behaviour in public, and cultivating cannabis.

Police prosecutor sergeant Darren Clifton told the court that Bhana - at 4pm on January 21 - walked over to a house across the street from his own.

After arguing with the occupants, Bhana began to walk down the driveway and back towards his property.

He then smashed a pint glass over his victim's forehead, causing minor cuts.

After returning home, Bhana stood in his frontyard whilst holding a three-metre long spear with a barbed tip.

The 51-year-old threatened to stab anyone who came near him "in the chest".

He continued to yell and swear as police arrived on the scene.

Whilst searching Bhana's property, officers uncovered two mature cannabis plants and 12 smaller cannabis plants.

The court was also told that an incident between him and the same neighbours had occurred on January 18.

Defence counsel Ntuthuko Mcingolwane said Bhana was intoxicated at the time, had put forward early guilty pleas, and recognised the seriousness of his offences.

The lawyer said his client was "able to pay fines" and "willing to undergo any anger management programs".

"He is also willing to comply with an order," Mr Mcingolwane said.

Citing the severity of Bhana's offences and prior criminal record, Sgt. Clifton described the 51-year-old's behaviour as "disgraceful".

The presiding magistrate said it was "not a momentary flash of anger", but an "ongoing anger incident".

The magistrate urged Bhana to not take the law into his own hands or commit any further offences.

The 51-year-old received a $1400 fine and a 10-month term of imprisonment, suspended for 12 months.