Jo Jingles South West goes virtual

Jo Jingles South West continues to brighten the days of children across the South West by going virtual bringing its music and movement classes into the living rooms of youngsters.

The first virtual session was held last week with around 120 children joining owner Catherine Hemblem sing, dance and play music.

Owner Catherine Hemblem said most of the children were from the Busselton and Dunsborough area, with another one from Kununurra and another from over east.

"We did not make it exclusive to our own customers we opened it up to the whole community, the coronavirus restrictions affects us all," she said.

"The future of Jo Jingles is really uncertain, we are not sure what will happen at the end of all this, we just wanted to bring some happiness to people through this situation."

Ms Hemblem said the virtual class was very different to their usual classes.

"I did not have all the little smiling faces in front of me, normally we have hugs and all the rest of it, so we did not have that," she said.

"Being able to interact with them on the screens was great though, I asked them to put their names on there so we could do a shout out for them.

"It really made me quite emotional seeing all their little messages come in, we have three teachers and we are going to miss everyone terribly.

"As the weeks go on we hope to do this once a week and have request Fridays so parents can tell us what songs they want to do."

Jo Jingles South West has been operating music and movement classes for preschool children for the past nine years.

The classes are normally run at family centres throughout the South West, which owner Catherine Hemblem said was all about parents interacting with their children and making learning fun.

Ms Hemblem said a lot of families rely on the classes to get children and parents out to socialise.

"Not to be able to do that now is obviously very isolating for them," she said.

"We thought virtual classes would be the best way to allow children to still have the fun because the social distancing rules affects them as well.

"It was so amazing and the feedback that we had and the photos it was really lovely to see."

Ms Hemblem said if people would like to join their virtual class to go onto their Facebook page to find out more information.

"People will be able to see what we are doing each week before the sessions to find out what instrument they need."

This story Jo Jingles goes virtual first appeared on Busselton-Dunsborough Mail.