COVID-19 Informer: Boris Johnson still in hot water, US passes 100,000 coronavirus deaths

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Shutterstock
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Shutterstock

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has urged Britain to move on from what he described as a "very, very frustrating episode" when his adviser, Dominic Cummings, provoked outrage for travelling during the coronavirus lockdown.

Cummings has refused to quit after he drove 400 kilometres from London to northern England in March with his four-year-old son and wife, who was sick at the time, to be close to relatives.

Just a few days before Cummings' journey, Johnson imposed a lockdown in the UK and asked people to stay at home.

Johnson has repeatedly backed his adviser, and it appears to be costing him in the polls with faith in him tumbling since the Cummings story broke on Friday.

UK has announced 412 more COVID-19 deaths, taking the total to 37,460 reports the Daily Mail.

Across the ocean, and just over four months after the United States government confirmed its first known case, more than 100,000 people have died in the country, according to a New York Times tally. The death toll is far higher than in any other nation in the world.

And while more than 1.6 million people in the country have been infected, there is some light in that the hardest-hit northeastern states have reported decreases in new cases in recent days, and the pace of deaths nationwide has fallen.

Sticking to the US and scientists are revising their timelines of how the virus spread, with new data showing the first confirmed infections in Europe and the US, in January, did not ignite the epidemics, those outbreaks began weeks later.

The Times reports, while President Trump claimed that a ban on travellers from China prevented the epidemic from becoming much worse, the new data suggests the virus which started Washington State's epidemic arrived roughly two weeks after the ban was imposed on February 2.

Closer to home and Indonesia is stepping into a 'new normal', despite the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continuing to rise reports the Jakarta Post.

Concerns are mounting over the government's approach to reopening public places, the Post reports.

The latest figures sit at 23,851 cases and 1473 deaths from COVID-19 across Indonesia.

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